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Maintenance is a very important part of the Glest Wiki. Content is often changing, and there's always more pages to add. Because we believe in ensuring quality in all pages, maintenance becomes of uttermost importance. Maintenance can include cleaning up a badly written page, fixing broken links, splitting long pages, and otherwise fixing up pages to ensure they are the best they can be.

Maintenance Templates[edit]

There are a number of templates made to help with maintenance, such as the {{Cleanup}} template. Templates are inserted with those double braces, then the template name, closing with the double braces again. For example, the above {{Cleanup}} template would output:

This article or section requires a cleanup in order to meet the Glest Wiki's quality standards.
You can edit this page to improve it.

These templates tell other editors that there is an issue with the page and it should be fixed. In the case of {{Cleanup}}, the page is messy or disorganized and should be neatened up. A full list of templates, including maintenance templates, can be found at Glest:Templates.


All maintenance templates add the page they are on to specific categories meant to make pages with such issues easier to find. Note that only pages that are in the mainspace (no namespace prefix, such as "Glest:") will be categorized. This is to prevent the template pages and documentation, etc from being categorized too. Thus, the templates are generally not used on non-mainspace pages, as that is considered unnecessary, and many non-namespace pages will use the templates to show how to use them, such as how this page is.

Available Categories[edit]

All these categories are hidden categories, as specified by the magic word "__HIDDENCAT__" on the category page. These means they will not show up on the category list at the bottom of the page.

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