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When handling translations and requests regarding translations, we apply the following policies.

Requests for new translations[edit]

Requests for new languages[edit]

We accept requests early on Transifex (which is easily done), but do not add the translation to the game until the main language file is at least 90% translated and properly so (do a quick review, load it in the game, check the menus, start a game). Technically speaking: until this level of translation is achieved, we do not add a language mapping to .tx/config in the subversion repository.

Requests for new language variants

When we receive a language team / translation request for a language which has multiple variants ("en" vs "en_UK" vs "en_US", or "fr" vs "fr_FR" vs "fr_CA" or similar), we first setup the generic variant (2-character ISO code), except when these variants are so different that there is really no common denominator (example: traditional vs simplified Chinese) or when there is no two-character ISO code (example: "sq_AL").

When we receive a language team / translation request for a language variant where another variant already exists, we will not confirm these automatically but will look carefully at each such request. We will check whether there is enough difference between these variants to make it worthwhile to form a separate translation team and to support and another language variant. For example, we think that there is absolutely no need for more than a single English variant.

Removal of translations[edit]

Abandoned translations[edit]

Over time, the developers add more new and modify old translations keys. Every time this happens, it increases the number of missing translations. As such, over time translations will become less and less complete, and the user experience will suffer. We do want MegaGlest to be translated to many languages, but we also want to provide a coherent user experience. As a result, as soon as a release is due, we will review the current status of translations, and remove those where the main language file is not at least 90% translated off the release. This doesn't remove them off Transifex - anyone can still revive a translation by contacting the translation team coordinator or, if they don't respond within two days, the MegaGlest team .