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Scenarios are special files that tell MegaGlest how to play a game. They have set values, so you cannot choose your faction, nor your map, tileset, and opponents. However, scenarios can use scripts to allow them to do things not otherwise possible, such as campaigns. Due to this, they are able to tell a story, and can be considered a more linear story mode compared to the "free play" of a custom game. This is a list of available independent scenarios available to download. Most scenarios are bundled with the mod they are made for (for example, Military comes with over 20 scenarios that require it and all its maps and tilesets), and thus, not available for individual download here.

List of Scenarios[edit]

Scenario Name Author(s) Difficulty Level Techtree Download Archive Format Filesize Additional Notes
Native Unrest onpon4 Hard Megapack Download Zip 84.9 KB take command of a disgruntled Indian tribe. Your mission is to destroy the castle to the north-East, putting an end to the king's reign. But the only path to the king's castle is heavily guarded, and you are more
Tartarus Earth-Breach Insane Included in Download Download Git 186 MB 1 faction as tech against 7 other factions as daemons (includes daemon slaves, daemons, behemoths, and other units similar to magic). This scenario is impossible to win unless you figure out the key for the perfect army you need to make. (Hint: axes & crossbows)... read more
Warlock Overlords onpon4 Medium Magitech Download Zip 106 KB You take control of four archmages and have to use them to destroy four more
The Seventh Element Earth-Breach Insane Included in download Download Git 66.3 MB You were sent by the Titans to defeat the 4 Demonic Guardians in order to restore balance and bring back the homeland of the Titans. You start off with 1 archmage and a lame drake, and you must destroy the Guardians one by one to take their more
Battle Glest MuwuM Included in download Download 7-Zip 65.5 MB BattleGlest is mod for Megaglest transporting RTS Arena to Glest. It is designed as a scenario and scripted in Lua. It uses many models from other Glest - mods but it adds a totally different gameplay.
The Three Towers wciow Magitech + Dwarves faction Download no longer available 7-Zip 5.8 MB Scenario is meant to be played with my dwarf faction but can be easily adjusted to work with tech by changing a few lines of the XML. You need to add the faction 'clock' to your magitech tech tree and the map valley.gbm in your maps folder.
Last Defense ~Phoenix~ Magitech Download no longer available Rar 4.37 KB Fun scenario for Glest newbies.
Lord of the land Eliminator Included in download Download 7-Zip 59.1 MB A RPG scenario, you are a worker living in a village and you need to work your way up to be the Lord.
Island Survival Tiger and Eliminator Included in download Download from the MegaGlest "Game Mods" menu 7-Zip 57.1 MB You are shipwrecked on a island, you can open crates, hunt, talk to the natives, and much more.

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