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Sample of different tilesets on the same map.

Tilesets are types of mods that explain to the engine how to render objects and surfaces on a map. For example, the trees, water, grass, fog, and weather are all controlled by the tileset. Because of this, tilesets can change how a map feels completely, since the one map can be a swamp, a forest, a desert, a winter wonderland, or an alien planet all from different tilesets.

Tileset Structure[edit]

Tilesets can change the following:

  • 10 map objects:
    • Tree
    • Dead Tree
    • Stone
    • Bush
    • Water Object
    • Big Tree
    • Hanged/Impaled
    • Statues
    • Big Rock
    • Invisible blocking "none" object
  • 6 surfaces:
    • Grass
    • Secondary Grass
    • Road
    • Stone
    • Custom
    • Cliffs (MegaGlest only)
  • Fog
  • Water Texture
  • Background ambiance
  • Day and night length
  • Weather (sun/rain/snow)
  • Sounds to signify start of the day and start of the night

Note: Despite common misconception, resources are not modified by the tileset. They are techtree specific.

Creating Tilesets[edit]

See Tilesets/Creating

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