Transport Ship

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Transport Ship
Transport Ship.png

5000 (10)

Resource Cost

50 gold, 20 metal, 1 food


40 (Metal)



The Transport Ship is a naval transportation unit in Apocalyptic Dawn's UNATF faction. It provides a way of carrying land units over bodies of water, at the cost that the ship cannot attack itself. However, it has high defense and HP, though still requires protection, such as Destroyers to ensure it can reach its destination alive.


The Transportation Ship's sole purpose is to transport land units, as it has no attacks nor can it do anything else of use. For that, it should always be accompanied with Destroyers to defend it. On the offense, it's important to destroy Transport Ships as fast as possible, as they carry units, and destroying it will kill all units onboard.


The Transport Ship is produced at the Dock after the Navy upgrade is finished.

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