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This is a military based faction where you can build oil wells, make tanks, and much more. There has been a huge World War III, the world has been hit with nukes and bio weapons. The world is left in ruins, the survivors formed clans and continue to war for the remaining resources on earth. In desperation to win they are forced to use available weapons they can from the wars of the past, to insure their survival.

This mod is packaged as a stand alone techtree. Please download and leave feedback. MegaGlest is strongly recommended as Vanilla Glest or GAE might not run it correctly.

Download it here: http://www.soft-haus.com/jacob/blog/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=53


By Manric: This is an unconventional faction. While the purpose of Glest is to set up a fight between two or more armies, this faction seems to have been designed with the sole aim of having fun by developing weaponry, all kinds of it. Fight is secondary, in fact it is a nuisance when you are managing these clever guys of E&A. This is so because of the great complexity of the techtree: there are in the faction no less than 74 units, 14 upgrades and a similar number of morphing options. Managing all this while being continuously attacked by enemies is obviously not practical. And if anybody think of having a try by fighting against the CPU, forget it: the AI is totally unable to handle all those upgrades and morphs. All it does is stay with the initial units, produce them endlessly and fight blindly with them.

PLAYING: There are two ways to play this faction and enjoy it: the first, draw a map with a protected recess (chain of mountains, for example), set inside it your own faction and put two more--CPU controlled-- outside to fight each other. They will be engrossed in their fight and will leave you alone to process all the lengthy development of your faction with ease. The second way would be to get a colleague to play against you with an agreement of no-aggression until you both are ready for it. In any case, choose a big map: many of the units are of considerable size, and a lot of elbow room is needed. And, while you are at it, do not forget to put in a good supply of gold. This faction is quite extravagant with the yellow metal.

UNITS: There is a good variety of aircraft: fighters, bombers and helicopters, coming out of successive generations of hangars (called “hanger” in the game). Of these, the most surprising is the Osprey, with its ability to drop crates that evolve to gun traps. This is a weapon of considerable strength, one to win battles. Among the land units we also have some unusual boys: the Cougar vehicle, that can let four machine-gunners out from nowhere; the sleeping-gas, that slows down and cripples the enemies; a few different tanks; the jeep, with devastating power and range; and the nuclear missile launcher. This last one, however, is disappointing: when we see the word “nuclear” we quickly think of enormous death and destruction. But none of this here. This is a conventional weapon that has quite a long range, but very limited attack power. Another disappointment is the poison gas, with much poorer effects on the enemy warriors than one would expect of such a weapon. And what about the design and animations? Well, opinions are free, but my own is that they look very good. I heartily congratulate the author.

BUGS: With such a complexity, it is to be expected to find some inconsistencies in the setup: for example, an upgrade, defence level 4, costs 800 gold but does nothing at all. I have found no way of building outpost 4. In the case of the AA gun, the upgrade from 1 to 2 reduces the attacking power from 400 to 180!


Video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdvM430_LDM

Screen shots:

Ea screen 2.jpg 200px Ea screen 1.jpg