AA Launcher

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AA Launcher
AA Launcher.png


Resource Cost

150 gold, 200 metal


0 (Metal)



The AA Launcher, or Anti-air Launcher, is the UNATF faction's anti-air craft defensive structure. It can only attack air units, but is completely devastating to them, and is capable of revealing cloaked Stealth Bombers (that is, Stealth Bombers under the stealth effect), making it a must to have late game. In the reverse situation, they are dangerous foes that must be taken out before air units can be used.


As they can only attack air units, the AI will use them so, and that makes air units an attack priority over ground units. Due to the extreme power of air units, that is a necessity. These should generally be built scattered around the base to ensure they can always attack the opponent. You cannot choose the target for them, nor can they move. The portable equivalent is the RPG Trooper, which has an anti-air attack, but is considerably weaker and places priority in ground units.


The AA Launcher is built by the Private after an Outpost has been constructed.

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