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3500 (3)

Resource Cost

200 gold, 300 metal, 2 food


50 (Tank)



The APC, or Armoured Personal Carrier, is a transport unit in Apocalyptic Dawn's UNATF faction. It's best used as a way to safely transport vulnerable units in or out of a location, as it boasts very high defense and HP, and can hold up to 6 infantry units. It is capable of attacking, but it's attack is a simpler, weaker machine gun, and is better suited for a defensive weapon. Overly, that makes the APC more of a defensive unit than an offensive unit, as its attack is far weaker than other units of similar costs.


Being a transport unit, the APC is best used to carry weaker or vulnerable units. You can save a unit's life, and thus let you use them later, once healed to full health, by carrying a critically weakened unit. You can also take slow, close range units such as the flamethrower right up to the foes to let them lay waste to the enemy. The high defense and HP of the APC also makes it apt for tanking, or luring the foes attacks away from other units.


The APC is produced from the Factory once a Tank has been constructed.

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