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2500 (1)

Resource Cost

250 Gold, 250 Metal, 2 Food


30 (Metal)



The destroyer is a naval combat unit in the UNATF faction. It is the UNATF's only naval unit capable of attacking (the transport ship cannot attack), thus it controls the seas and is the core of your naval warfare. It cannot transport units like the transport ship can, but it is a must for accommodating your transport ships to ensure that they reach their destination safely.


Being the only combat naval unit in UNATF, all power on the seas rests on the destroyer. It can be used to find and intercept enemy transport ships before they reach your shores. The destroyer could also be used to protect your transport ships in a reverse of that situation, fighting off the enemy destroyers and other units who would combat your vulnerable transport ships. It's also possible to use the destroyer to blockade off side routes that are near water, or general defense near coastal areas.


The destroyer can be produced by the dock after completing the Navy upgrade.

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