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Resource Cost

Quantum Energy: 4


20 - Alpha (Infantry)



The Enforcer is the Crincillin's answer to the threat of infantry and battlefield reconnasaince. Designed as a vehicle meant to keep the peace on occupied planets, it soon found its way into the Crincillin military.


The Enforcer is meant to be in the middle of the battle, hacking and slashing at enemy infantry until victory. It excels against lightly armored foes, and is also pretty good against heavier enemies such as structures and large units. It is also given stronger armor and a greater attack power than its ranged ally, the Raiden. These improvements are to counteract its very nature as a close-range soldier. Lastly, the Enforcer can hover much like the other Crincillin infantry, this plus its relatively light weight allows it to cross deep water without a problem.


The Crincillin needed a way to keep tabs on enemy movements, so they disovered a way to outfit Enforcers with advanced reconnasaince equipment. Given a stealth generator and the power of flight, an Enforcer can become the powerful Specter. Although they are not designed for battle, that doesn't mean they have no importance in the Crincillin military. Diverting energy away from their defensive shields and blade accelerators gives them the power to fly, activate their stealth generators, and use infrared scanning systems to detect invisible units. Crincillin commanders often place a Specter in a holding position above an enemy base or outpost for continual surveillance. Before the Specters can be deployed on the planet, an Analysis Engine will need to be assembled so that the designs can be sent to the surface and calibrated to work in the planet's atmosphere.


The Enforcer had a predescessor that had existed for hundreds of years - the Bandit. It was created as a riot deterrent on newly captured planets to keep the locals subjugated. It worked so well that the Crincillin military enhanced it with greater shields and more powerful blades, creating what is now known as the Enforcer. This new vehicle was so much more effective than the Bandit that all Bandit models were deemed immediately obsolete. The Enforcer model was soon added to the ranks of the military, proving itself to be a very effective type of trooper.

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