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Resource Cost

250 Gold, 75 Metal, 1 Food


40 (Infantry)



The flamethrower is a powerful, short range unit in the Apocalyptic Dawn techtree's UNATF faction. It is brutishly powerful against infantry units, though is hindered by its large, heavy weapon, which slows it down considerably. However, its high HP and strong armor partially make up for that, prolonging its survival.


Because the flamethrower must get very close to the foe in order to attack, extending its survival for as long as possible becomes priority. There are three main ways to achieve this. Firstly, you can use a transportation unit like the Humvee or APC to carry the units right up to the foe. This has the advantage that the units are perfectly safe inside the transportation unit. The disadvantage is that with strong tactics and heavy use of anti-tank weaponry such as that of the RPG Trooper can destroy the transport unit before it reaches its target, killing all units inside. Alternatively, you can use a large number of flamethrowers (possibly mixing them with other short range units such as the Baton Soldier) so as to spread the damage around, ensuring that more will reach the foe alive. Finally, you can use a decoy (a tank) such as an APC or a fast moving unit such as the Humvee.


The flamethrower is recruited from the Ops Facility after at least one Special Op has been recruited.

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