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Latest Version:

Alpha9 (25 Jan 2012; 10 years, 5 months and 6 days ago)



G3DHack is a third party tool that makes viewing and editing G3D models easier. While it cannot create a model nor do any modifications to the actual model, it can perform optimizations for file size and performance, as well as being able to perform some minor edits and fixes to models.


The latest version is alpha9, and can be downloaded here.


  • Can set the specific animation speed as you would see in the XML
  • Can find values to use as skill start-time values in the XML
  • Set double-sided
  • Set teamcolor
  • Set no-select flags (tells the game that part of a model cannot be clicked, such as the rocks flying from a mining worker)
  • Can change diffuse and specular color
  • Can link diffuse, normal (bump), specular, and custom textures
  • Can set mesh opacity
  • Can display meshes as solid, wireframe, normals, or vertices
  • Can Split, merge, or delete meshes
  • Can remove or weld loose vertices
  • Can flip faces
  • Strip duplicate frames
  • Strip single frames
  • Strip alternate frames
  • Reanimate

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