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Glest in Space (working title)






Glest in Space (working title) is a fast paced, space themed, real time strategy game. The goal is to provide a viable cross-platform software alternative for a competitive e-sport game. The game engine is derived from MegaGlest, a fork of the award winning Glest project.

The Mod Glest In Space, is dead, The project have instead been reborn into a commercial project. And a new name have not yet been chosen


  • United Earth Federation
  • Morphlings

Map Editor Changes[edit]

Since the Map Editor that is included with GIS is the MegaGlest map editor, the actual tileset objects and surfaces will appear different on GIS's tileset. For example, surface 1, which is usually grass, will become metal plating in GIS.

List of Object and Surface changes[edit]


  • Surface 1 - grass = Metal plating
  • Surface 2 - secondary grass = Lava
  • Surface 3 - road = Ground/dirt/earth
  • Surface 4 - stone = Snow
  • Surface 5 - ground = Sand

Objects for the map editor have not yet been finalized and are subject to change.


  1. tree - tree
  2. dead tree - Radar panel
  3. stone -antenna
  4. bush/grass - immature frequency crystal
  5. water object - water_grass
  6. big tree/old palm - solar panel
  7. hanged impaled - Advanced solar panel
  8. statues -ancient rubble
  9. mountain - none
  10. invisible blocking object

Additional notes[edit]

Alarm going off when using a hold position is a limitation of the current engine revision.

The GIS team is also hosting a GISpace headless server.


Current members[edit]

  • Coldfusionstorm

Past contributers[edit]

  • Superkaj
  • Conzar