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Model requirements for mesh bound particles[edit]

  • The model MUST be a an animation with a minimum of 2 frames!
  • The Mesh you want to use to bind your particles has no texture!

Ideally you do it like this ( The white triangle object is just so big to show you )


  • Make this triangle object very small, so you knwo exactly where the particle will be bound.
  • Make the triangle fully transparent so noone can see it ;-)
  • Dont't forget to animate the little triangle too!

Name of the Mesh[edit]

  • The name of the mesh you have to set in the xml is typically made by adding a number like ".000" to its name. The above example it is : meshname.000 or meshname.001 ....
  • To find out the real name of the mesh in the game, just put in any mesh name and start the game. It will output all meshnames it finds in the G3D to the console. Choose the one you wanted.


Meshbound result.jpg