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Mod Center[edit]

An ingame Option lets you download and install Mods from the Mod Center. it looks like this ingame:


How to get your Mod into the Mod Center[edit]

  • 1: Email us and ask if your mod can be in the download section. We want to ensure some quality for the mods in the download section, thats why. ( contact[at] ).

If you get an ok:

  • 2: prepare your mod as described below
  • 3: upload your mod somewhere where it can be directly downloaded! (like dropbox)
  • 4: Generate and upload a screenshot/map shot/loading screen or whatever image too! This image should be 800x600 pixels and its filesize should not exceed 100 KB.
  • 5: Use the --show-...-crc options to MegaGlest to calculate a CRC value for your mod ( start a terminal / command line, change into the MegaGlest directory and run MegaGlest with the --help option to see all available options )


$ ./megaglest --show-map-crc=renkontre
megaglest v3.6.0.3
Compiled using: GNUC: 40401 [64bit] on: Jan 24 2012 13:33:42
SVN: [Rev: 3080] - using STREFLOP
CRC value for map [renkontre] file [/home/tomreyn/.megaglest/maps/renkontre.mgm] is [142644594]
  • 6: email us :

- the direct download URL of the mod - the direct download URL of the image - the CRC value - A SHORT! description text for the download section. Currently only 255 chars are allowed. Line breaks (multiple lines) are okay.

How to prepare your Mod[edit]

How to prepare your mod: Currently a mod can only be one of the following:

  • - a full tech tree
  • - a map
  • - a tileset
  • - a scenario.

Single factions cannot be handled! If you have a single faction it must be embedded in a new techtree to handle it! ( BUT you can use faction links now to let your faction play vs standard factions:

HINT: Before you package, please use MegaGlests command line options to verify your mod is in good shape (most are not by default). This will list unused and badly referenced files and much more. Please make sure you don't have file names with upper case characters (use lower case only, and make sure any refrences to these files, such as in XML files, also refer to the lower case variant of this file), spaces (underscores are fine) or special characters in them.

Example for japanese:

./start_megaglest --validate-techtrees=japanese

Maps: Maps are very simple, just upload them the way they are... ( Example: )

Scenarios: 7zip your scenario dir including the directory itself.

Techtrees: 7zip your tech directory including the directory itself, like this:

p7zip japanese
A prepared example is here:

7zip your tilesets dir including the directory itself.