RPG Trooper

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RPG Trooper
RPG Trooper.png


Resource Cost

150 gold, 30 metal


25 (Infantry)



The RPG Trooper is a unit in the Apocalyptic Dawn techtree's UNATF faction. It is the standard anti-tank and a portable anti-air unit. Its RPG projectiles are specially crafted to pierce the target deeply before exploding in a powerful explosion, causing them to do more damage against tank armor, but slowing them down, decreasing the effectiveness against infantry. The RPG Trooper also has a slow and weaker anti-air attack, but it is inferior to the AA Launcher. The resource costs of the RPG trooper are underestimated because you must promote it from the Infantry/Marine.


The RPG Trooper is best used mixed in occasionally with your standard attack forces, and should be manually told to attack tank or aerial armored foes for efficiency.


The RPG Trooper is promoted from the Infantry or Marine after finishing the Explosives upgrade.

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