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2500 (2)

Resource Cost

300 gold, 300 metal, 2 food


50 (Tank)



The Tank is a brutishly powerful unit in the UNATF faction. The powerful cannon of the Tank can deal plenty of damage in an area splash, but it needs a moment to reload between shots, leaving the Tank vulnerable. The Tank boasts the highest HP for an attacking unit in the game, as well as the highest defense, making it easy to live up its name by taking the attacks that its allies cannot. Of course, tanks are highly vulnerable to the anti-tank attacks of air units and the RPG Trooper, so be sure to take those out quickly.


The Tank is best used with a mixture of faster units. While the Tank is powerful, it is slow to reload and not always effective against some types of foes because of that, so needs to be supported by a wide variety of units. The splash damage of the attack causes it to deal more damage against larger units, such as buildings.


The Tank is produced from the Factory after a Humvee has been created.

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