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Tech is a faction made by the Glest Team. It is one of the factions in Magitech, the offical Glest techtree. Based more for new players than the more advanced Magic, tech focuses on a medieval/steampunk style of units, such as the medieval inspired swordman and guard or the steampunk style battle machine and airship. The faction is slightly larger than magic, but the two factions balance out very well to create the magitech tech tree. Tech is generally regarded as one of the best factions, along with magic, and sets the standard of quality for mods.


Tech Techtree Map

Tech has always been included in Glest, starting off as a built in faction, though when Glest became modable, tech, along with magic, were often used as the base units for developing mods. Many mods derive units or other media files from them. Created by the Glest Team, it features high quality, well made models, textures, animations, and sounds, and is generally regarded as the standard unit of quality for rating Glest mods. The faction is no longer under developement, as that was stopped with the final release of Glest with version 3.2.2. However, some individual mods are based upon expanding Tech, including the Four Path Magitech.


Tech's swordman is the most basic unit.


  • Advanced architecture
  • Blade weapons
  • Piercing weapons
  • Robotics
  • Shield level 1
  • Shield level 2
  • Stables
  • Training field


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Controlling the Skies[edit]

Air units are vastly powerful, as always, and tech happens to have two of them, the airship (powerful, but very slow) and the orinthopter (can attack air-to-air). Like how magic can dragon sweep, Tech can sweep with its air units, bearing in mind that the airship is slow and you will have to pace yourself. Clear out the foe's base with a rush from quick units such as horsemen, focusing on the archers and other ranged units, then bring in the air units. Melee units cannot attack air, leaving them helpless versus the mighty airships.

Archer Might[edit]

The archer is a very strong unit, used correctly, since they are cheap and ranged. In small numbers, they are ineffective, but in large numbers, they will rule the game. Being ranged, they can take out both land or air units, though having a distinct disadvantage against moving targets, which is why you may want some high defense units such as the guard to protect them.

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