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Volcanic is a tileset for all versions of Glest. It focuses on a scorched earth theme, with lava replacing water, trees being burnt and ruined, bones scattering the ground, and mini volcanoes pouring lava. Overly, it gives a sense of forbidding, and is the opposite of the bright, happy forest tilesets.


The Volcanic tileset portrays dark, grim, and burnt earth, adding to that with sounds of volcanic eruptions and wind blowing. It attempts to give a feeling of danger and apocalypse. From the scorched bones of large, unknown beasts to the mysterious rumbling heard at night, it attempts to do away with the happy nature of most tilesets, instead focusing on a grimmer, harsher reality.

Public Opinion[edit]

The tileset was reasonably popular when first released, though criticized for poor volume control of the ambiance sounds. This was fixed in version 1.1. The tileset has shrunk in popularity lately, and is rarely used for multiplayer games, largely because it is not included in the Megapack, the kingpin of multiplayer. It may be occasionally used in single player games, but such statistics are unknown.

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