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Behold, an image on our wiki.

The wiki uses a large number of images, which range from screenshots, to logos of factions to diagrams. It is recommended to try and get an image in most articles, as they enhance and demonstrate the article. However, images do have rules and restrictions.


  • Images must have a purpose. They must fit into the article and have a reason for being there, be it to demonstrate what the article is trying to say, or as a means of communication, they must have a purpose.
  • All images must appear in an article. Our rules require that all images are used somewhere, or else they will be deleted.
  • Images should be of an appropriate format. Don't use JPG if transparency should be used, and likewise, avoid using PNG for large images that do not use transparency and are unlikely to ever use it. GIF should never be used unless animations are required.
  • If using animated GIFs, the animation must serve a purpose as well, or it will be replaced with a PNG/JPG still image.
  • Personal images cannot be uploaded to the wiki. Use Imageshack instead and post the direct link to the image, and it will automatically be replaced with the image (to post a direct link to the image without the image appearing, you'd have to add a ":" prefix to the link).
  • On the other hand, all non-personal images that appear on the wiki must be uploaded to the wiki directly, and when referencing them in pages, you must use the [[File:My image.png]] format (do not use direct links, always use the File: prefix).


  • Unit images should generally be in a PNG format with a transparent background. The MegaGlest G3D viewer can export an image of a model with a transparent background.
  • Try adding post-image anti-aliasing to images with alpha to smooth out jagged edges.
  • If saving to JPG, always use 100% quality, as this ensures the best quality images, a must for the community based editing of the Wiki. The wiki automatically reduces quality in the thumbnails anyway.

Independent Images[edit]

These images are the exception to the "use in a page" rule, appearing here to fit that rule only, as they are used in parts of the GUI that the wiki does not consider to be a page.

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